Xunta de Galicia Fellowship PhD (2015-2020). Héctor research was focused in intracellular delivery of different cargos using supramolecular architectures and nanoparticles platforms. Héctor spent one year of Erasmus in Czech Republic and in his spare time Héctor likes traveling to different countries and he enjoys practicing several sports and meeting with friends.In December 2020, Hector received his PhD and shortly after moved to industry, currently working as a consultant for AKRN.

Iria Louzao

Daniel Crisan


We are international!!  

We thank the great contributions of all past and present members who came to work with us in Santiago from different places.

All the best to all of you!

Ph.D. Juan's Ph.D. was focused in peptide synthesis for self-assembled cyclic peptides, membrane transporters, pattern recognition sensing systems and polymers for nucleotide delivery. When not in the lab Juan enjoys watching sports and supporting Real Madrid and Celta de Vigo.

Juan Priegue

Visiting Prof. Prof. Kim. holds a M.S. from Seoul National University (Prof. Deukjoon Kim) and a Ph.D. (Prof. Jeffrey D. Winkler)  from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 2008 he is Full Prof. at the College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University. His research interest are focused in the synthesis and application  of synthetic methodology for pharmacology active molecules.  email: pennkim@snu.ac.kr

Postdoctoral associate (2015-2017). Iria obtained her Ph.D. from the USC working in NMR and helical polyacetylenes. She then moved to Netherlands and UK to work in polymersomes nanoreactors. Iria spent two wonderful years with us working in novel oligomers for cell penetration self-assembly. In January 2018 she moved to work for Inditex. Iria loves hiking and going to the movies (especially alternative cinema). email: iriamaria.louzao@usc.es

Sanghee Kim

Master student.  Leti has carried out her Master Thesis working in the preparation of artificial minimal cells and supramolecular polymers. She will now work to become a member of the scientific police.

email: leticiasuarezb@gmail.com 

Leticia Suárez

Predoctoral Stay. Daniel spent 2 months with us with a Royal Society fellowship for to carry out a predoctoral stay about dynamic polymers and nucleotide delivery.  He completed his Ph.D. in the group of our colleague Dr. Francisco Fernández Trillo in Birmingham University. He moved for a postdoc with Prof. Dr. David Fulton group at Newcastle University.

Immacolata Bruno

International Master Thesis. Imma performed part of her master thesis within the group of Prof. Granja. She worked in dynamic nanotubes for controlled deposition and alignment of macromolecules. She now works in the chemical industry in Italy.  iimmacolata.bruno@yahoo.it

Alexis Wolfwel

International Master Thesis. Alexis carried out his Master Thesis within the group of Prof. Granja and we worked together in peptide nanotubes for glycan alignment and protein controlled deposition. He then moved back to Argentina to start his Ph.D. in polymers with potential industrial applications.


Postdoctoral associate (2016-2019) > > Beatriz Galindo Fellow. Jose received a PhD at University of Seville-CSIC in 2008 (Prof. Javier Rojo). He performed post-doc in the University  of Milan as a Curie fellow (Prof. Bernardi, 2009-2012). In 2013, he joined the Glycosystems Laboratory at Seville as a JAE-Doc researcher. In November 2019 he achieved a Beatriz Galindo fellowship to work as an Associate Professor at the University of Malaga and the Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology (BIONAND).

email: josejuan.reina@usc.es

Jose Juan Reina

Postdoctoral associate (2018-2020). Richard got his Ph.D. from  Bristol University. His scientific interests are emergence, synthetic cellularity and prebiotic chemistry. He was involved in the synthesis of supramolecular building blocks for fibrillation in confined spaces. His hobbies are reading philosophy, playing various sports (tennis, badminton, road cycling) and going to the cinema. In October 2020 he moved to Penn State (USA) to continue his research in Prebiotic Systems working with Prof. Keating.

email:  richard.booth@bristol.ac.uk

Richard Booth

Postdoctoral associate (2018-2020). Ghibom received his PhD (2012) at Seoul National University (Paik Group). He was a postdoc (2012-2016) at the same group and at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor (Marsh Group, 2016-2017). His research interests cover the fields of peptide/protein-based nanomaterials science and applications. Ghibom enjoys taking a walk and having a tea for relaxation. In October 2020 he achieved a competitive fellowship from the Castilla y Leon Regional Government  to continue his research and teaching carreer at the University of Salamanca.

email: aevus@naver.com

Ghibom Bhak

Postdoctoral associate (2017-2020). Geert has recently finished his PhD at Leiden University. He combines experience in coiled coil peptides, drug delivery and supramolecular chemistry, and here he will design and study peptide based drug delivery systems. His hobbies include swimming, singing, enjoying the culture of medieval cities and repairing old mechanical clocks. In January 2020, he moved to Diego Peña's group in CiQUS to work with nanographene derivatives.

email: geert_daudey@hotmail.com

Geert Daudey

Héctor Fernández



Master's Student (Gil Dávila Fellow).  Charlene obtained her BSc in Chemistry from the Universidade da Coruña and, after obtaining a CiQUS Summer Fellowship, decide to carry out her Master's thesis within the Montenegro Group. Her work in the lab involved the design of novel self-assembling 2D materials. She is now carrying out her PhD studies at the Universidad de A Coruña, in CICA research center.

Cayetana Gullón

Master's Student (2020-21). Cayetana obtained her degree in Chemistry from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela in 2020. She has carried out her Master in Organic Chemistry and her Master's project within the Montenegro Group where she has worked in peptide chemistry for membrane transport and coiled-coil assembly. Cayetana will now study to become a teacher.

Sahnawaz Ahmed

Postdoctoral associate (2019-2021).  His research interest focused on the development of chemically fuelled out-of-equilibrium supramolecular systems based on peptide amphiphiles as well as enzymatic autocatalytic systems and fibrillation in confined spaces. He will move  back to India to continue his career in Academia.

Email: sahnawaz1989@gmail.com

PhD student (visiting 2020).  Augustina is a PhD student supervised by prof. Edvinas Orentas from Vilnius University. During Master studies she spent one year in EPFL under supervision of Dr.  Sforazzini. Her main research focuses on multichromophoric supramolecular assemblies and metal-guided self-assembly. Augustina came to visit us in the context of the Concert Japan collaboration. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and playing video games.

email: augustina.jozeliunaite@chgf.vu.lt

Augustina Jozeliunaite

F.P.U. PhD student (2022). Iván obtained a degree in Chemistry and Master in Organic Chemistry from the USC. Iván Ph.D. is focused focused on the solid phase synthesis of new peptides hybrids for protein cell targeting, multivalent intreractions and cytosol delivery. In his free time, he plays basketball and he enjoys watching magic and fantasy films. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2022.

Julia Schwekendiek

Bachelor student. Julia is in the BSc Biochemistry program at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen (Germany) and has recently joined the group for her Bachelor thesis. With her thesis, she is focused on supramolecular assemblies in non-canonical peptides. On her days off, Julia likes to spend time traveling, hiking and doing sports. Julia moved back to Germany to continue with her Thesis studies.


Juan de la Cierva (2018) > Ramón y Cajal (2022). Julian received his Ph.D. (USC, 2013, Dr. Susana López). He then with  Prof. Riguera in stimuli-response helical polymers, Prof. M. Calderón (2014, Freie Universität Berlin) in biomaterials and 2016 with Prof. Tajuzo Aida (Tokyo UNiversity) in molecular glues.  In 2018 he joined Montenegro's Lab (JdC-Incorporación). His research is focused in supramolecular chemistry and helical polymeric systems. In 2022 he achieved the Ramón y Cajal Grant to work in the Organic Chemistry Department and the CIQUS at USC. Julian continues to collaborate with the group ins new helical petides. Email: julian.bergueiro@gmail.com

Julian Bergueiro

Nacho Insua

Ivan Gallego

Juan de la Cierva (2017) > Marie Curie IntraEuropean Fellow > Ramón y Cajal (2022). Nacho received his PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2017 (Dr. Francisco Fernández-Trillo). He then joined the University of Melbourne as a Postdoc (Prof. Greg Qiao, 2017-18). His research focuses on the application of polymers and peptides, through self-assembly and nanotechnology, as biomedical tools. He enjoys playing the bass and chess. In 2022 he achieved the Ramón y Cajal Grant to work in the Pharmaceutic Technology Department at the USC. Nacho continues to collaborate with the group in new supramolecular systems

Email: ignacio.insua.lopez@usc.es

Marie Curie IntraEuropean Fellow (2016) > > Ramón y Cajal (2022). Ph.D. at the University of Seville (2008). He then moved to the University of Twente (Netherlands, 2012) and Bordeaux (France, 2015). His research interest encompasses self-assembled systems for therapeutic delivery, sensing and charge transport. Alejandro has moved to his alma matter the IQQ-Cartuja and the University of Sevilla to continue working in self-assembled materials with biologycal applications. In 2022 Alejandro achieved the prestigous Ramón y Cajal Fellowship. email: amendezardoy@gmail.com

Alejandro Méndez

Giulia Salluce

F.P.I. PhD (2023). Giulia obtained the BSc and MSc Degrees in Biotechnology from the University of Milan – Bicocca (2015), She then spend one year in Spain and one year in Finland working in molecular biology to expand her academic formation. She joined the Montenegro Group in 2017 for her Ph.D. in novel systems for the delivery of functional proteins. Giulia has always loved classical ballet and she also enjoys photography.

email: giulia.salluce@gmail.com

Maria Abrunheiro

Lab Tech Aprentix. Maria joined the group in 2023 to complete her internship for the last year of high school in Portugal. For her final project, she is focused on peptide synthesis for self-assembled cyclic peptides. Outside the lab Maria enjoys playing handball, hanging out with her friends, and reading. mariabrunheiro@gmail.com

F.P.U. PhD  (2024).  Alicia worked in a research program related with organic synthesis of molecules with biological application, starting with carbohydrates during her final degree project and focused now in the synthesis of fluorophores. Out of the lab, she likes reading, playing piano and spending time in nature, especially with animals. Email: alicia.rioboo@rai.usc.es 

Trainee. Lyssandre is finishing her studies at EBI (France), a school of Industrial Biology. She did a two months intership in our project to learn about peptide hydrogels. Out of the lab, she likes to travel and enjoys eating pastries.

Email: lyssandre.francois@gmail.com"

Alicia Rioboo

Lysssandre François

Xunta de Galicia fellowship, PhD  (2024). Alfonso holds a Pharmacy degree and he is engaged in PhD focused in the application of cyclic and lineal peptide amphiphiles for the confined fibrillation with potential applications as biomaterials in tissue engineering. Alfonso enjoys playing sports, specially football and tennis, traveling and hanging out with friends. email: alfonso.bayon@rai.usc.es

Alfonso Bayón

Xunta de Galicia Fellowship, PhD 2020. Marta’s obtained her PhD working in the evaluation of the membrane transport and endosomal scape by dynamic supramolecular architectures. Marta likes to go to live-music festivals and she is a great basketball pivot. Marta will now pursue a high school Teacher possition.

email: martapazopascual@gmail.com

Marta Pazo