12/12/23 Our paper in collaboration with Giovanni Pavan is out as the front cover of Chemical Science and is full open access! Please check this wonderful history here!

12/6/23 New paper in @J_A_C_S!! Clusters carriers 🚘 are on the move!! The second, but not the last, paper with @WernerNau 🇩🇪🤝🇪🇸on #chaotropiccarriers COSANs Boron Sandwiches 🥪for the transport of peptides across membranes and inside cells! By @GiuliaSalluce @YerayFolgar Today @J_A_C_S

6/6/23 Check out our New Paper @J_A_C_S in collaboration with Nuno Basilio on photoswitchable calixarene carriers for peptide transport. Fantastic work by @Joana_NMartins, Beatriz Raimundo, Alicia Rioboo and @YerayFolgar @laqv_requimte, @FCTNOVA, @ciqususc.

11/6/23 Giulia finishes her Ph.D. and she says: It's finally done!🤩 An enormous thank you to my directors Irene Lostalé and Javier Montenegro @MontenegroLabo, to the members of the examination jury @pcorzana @GasserGroup @merytgamasa, to @ciqususc, and to everyone who shared this amazing day (and the PhD journey) with me!✨🎊

14/2/23 The European Innovation Council (EIC) is supporting TraffikGene 🧬 with one EIC Transirion Grant to take our mRNA 🧬 delivery technology into Theraphy!! We could not be more motivated!!

23/03/22 - We are really excited to share our last collaboration CIQUS together with Werner Nau on Boron Superchaotropic Clusters for the transport (and delivery) of bioactive hydrophilic molecules across lipid membranes and inside cells Today @Nature

21/03/23 - Congratulations to Adrian Sánchez for the Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship!! It feels the idea deserves funding!! Now, we make it real together!

01/08/21 - So exciting that our tech transfer project TraffikGene has advanced towards the funding phase of the Ignicia Proof of Concept program by Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN). Our peptide-based gene delivery technology gets

yet one step closer to market!

08/12/20 - Exciting end to a not-so-exciting year 2020! Marta´s paper on pore-forming oligoalanine peptides has been finally published in RSC Chemical Biology. Huge congratulations, very well deserved!

16/11/20 - Ghibom's paper in collaboration with the Salvatella group at IRB Barcelona is finally out. Interesting how sinuclein domains can be used to glue nanoparticles on surfaces. Check it out!

25/08/2020 - Our second paper on 2D supramolecular materials based on cyclic peptides is out. Congratulations Sandra! You can have a look at it here.

13/05/2020 - We have been awarded with a Instituto de Salud Carlos III grant to help in the fight against coronavirus pandemic. After many years of optimization of our peptide amphiphiles' tranfection performance it will be put to the test for the development of a Spanish vaccine against COVID-19. We are all-in for this massive challenge!

04/02/2020 - Ale’s paper is out in @angew_chem!! The  supramolecular polymerization of cyclic peptides at the core or the cortex of water microdroplets is regulated under microfluidic control of pH and ionic strength. Read about this here!

08/01/2020 - Exciting start of 2020 with a @J_A_C_S cover! A 2D supramolecular material is assembled by new leucine zippers between peptide nanotubes. 26 years since the seminal report by Ghadiri et al, we move to the second dimension by @InsuaNacho.

23/12/2019 - Great end of 2019!! Our @ERC_Research PoC project Traffikgene has been recognized with the "Best Idea Award" from @BiogaGalicia. Congrats to Alberto and Marisa!! Galician Gene Transport Technology on the Move!!

12/10/2019. Our collaboration with @MetBioCat is in the front cover of @ChemicalScience. Thanks Eugenio @ChemBioUSC  for the awesome drawing! Please read how you can deliver Pyranine and Alexa probes in the cytosol of cells by using Nitschke Supramolecular cages. Read the full history for free at: https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlepdf/2019/sc/c9sc02906k

7/10/2019. Our collaboration with Angel Martí for amyloid and synuclein early detection is out in JACS!

20/12/2018. We have been awarded with an ERC Proof of Concept Grant!! The project Traffikgene will study the potential and the transference of our Gene Delivery Technology!

22/11/2018. We have been awarded with 1 of the five CONCERT Japan projects to study Supramolecular Porous Nanomaterials @ciqususc. We will not be alone! Takuzo Aida (Japan), Wolfgang Parak (Germany) and Edvinas Orentas (Lithuania) will travel with us to the nanoworld!!!

15/11/2018. Dr. Julian Bergueiro has joined the group with a Juan de la Cierva Incorporación Fellowship to work in Supramolecular Chemistry and Helical Materials!!

25/08/2018. Our review on synthetic materials at the forefront of gene delivery has been accepted in Nature Reviews Chemistry!! Congratulations to Irene for this master piece and since now on, reference paper in the field of non-viral vectors!

24/06/2018. The Group continues to achieve prestigious awards!! This time is Alicia receiving the impressive distinction of the SusChem Young Investigators!! This price recognises Alicia as the BEST academic Chemist undergraduate student in SPAIN!! Incredible!

24/06/2018. Ivan Gallego has achieved one of the best poster awards in the Organic Chemistry Bienal Meeting of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (Real Sociedad Española de Química, RSEQ)!!!!!

17/05/2018. Dr Montenegro has been awarded with the Prize for the Young Investigators of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (Real Sociedad Española de Química, RSEQ)!!!!!

17/04/2018. Ignacio Insua (Nacho) has joined the group as a postdoc in supramolecular chemistry applied to catalysis and cell delivery!!

15/04/2018. Dynamic Polyhydrazones can also deliver plasmid DNA inside living cells. Read the full history in Biomacromolecules!!

04/04/2018. Ale first steps towards our artificial cytoskeleton have been accepted for publication in Nanoscale Horizons. Congratulations!!

Gene Delivery, Made Easy!