We won the Front Cover of the December Issue of Chem. Sci.!!  Thank you Eugenio Vazquez for the great drawing and Congratulations to Irene, Iria and Marisa for this wonderful work!

Supramolecular Chemical and Synthetic Biology

Javier Montenegro Chemistry Welcome 2

Check out the great video that the Chemical Science and the Royal Society have made for our paper in CRISPR/Cas9 delivery mediated by hydrazone amphiphilic peptides!




04/01/2018. Jose and Alicia’s paper about glycosykl aldehyde synthesis is in press in the special edition of Synthesis of The 2017 Burgenstock Conference!!

15/12/2017. Ghibom Bhak and Richard Booth have joined the group to work in the HFSP project towards a synthetic cytoskeleton. I am sure this is gonna be fun!!

9/11/2017. Giulia Salluce has joined the group to carry out her Ph.D. in biochemical approaches for protein delivery. Come on Giulia!!

9/11/2017. Geert Daudey from Alexander Kros group has joined the group for his post-doc in penetrating peptides. Welcome and good luck!!

2/11/2017. Irene’s paper on Cas9 delivery by supramolecular peptide vectors has been published as the cover of Chemical Science!! Congratulations for this excellent work and thanks to Eugenio for his great conceptual picture!!

17/06/2017. Alberto and Marisa’s featured article is in Chem. Commun. Congratulations and well done!!

15/06/2017. We are again at the front cover of the emerging investigators theme collection of J. Mat. Chem. B.!! Congratulations to Iria and Rebecca’s for this nice work!!!!!

17/03/2017. We have been awarded with one of the Research Grants for Young Investigators of the Human Frontier Science Program. The project will approach the fabrication of a synthetic cytoskeleton!! Good luck to us all!!!!

25/02/2017. Iria’s paper on plasmid transfection by hydrazone modulated peptides has been accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry B! Congratulations!

30/01/2017. Alejandro has achieved the prestigious Marie Curie fellowship for his postdoctoral studies in the Montenegro group!

15/01/2017. Marta’s paper on oxime modulated peptides has been accepted for publication in the emerging investigators special issue of Synlett! Congratulations Marta!!!

01/11/2016. Alejandro Méndez has joined the group to work as a postdoc in supramolecular confined processes. All the best Ale!!

10/09/2016. The paper by our colleagues and friends Eugenio Vázquez and Miguel Vázquez about membrane disrupting oligopeptides has been accepted for publication in Chem. Commun. Congratulations to all specially to Iria who did a great job!!

01/09/16. Jose Juan Reina Martinez just started post doc with us to help with sugar chemistry. Good luck Jose!!

10/05/2016. We are again in the Cover!! This time it is Angewandte featuring our article about hydrazone polymer  postpolymerization for siRNA delivery!

01/05/2016. The group is again in the news!! A nice interview in the Correo Newspaper has recently been published. If you wan to read the interview please click here!

01/05/2016. Iria Louzao has just arrive as a new post doc in the group. Iria will work in oligopeptides and polymers for cell penetration and prebiotic chemistry. All the best Iria Iria!!

01/04/2016. We welcome the new post doc of the group Irene Lostalé who will help us  with all the Biology we will be carrying out in the years to come. Good luck Irene!!

20/03/2016. Our new paper in Dynamic Polymers for siRNA transfection has been accepted for publication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.!! Congratulations to all co-workers, specially to Paco!

Organic synthesis transversally directs all our multidisciplinary research efforts which are always oriented towards the design and preparation of novel and organized matter with functional applications. For further information click here!